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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Fill Vacancies During the Winter in Stockbridge

Cozy Home Covered in Snow on Sunny Winter DayWhen situations lead to a winter vacancy, finding a tenant for your Stockbridge home can be a challenge. Although the market tends to slow down during winter, there are still ways to attract new tenants to your property. It is important that you keep your property’s appeal high to make your rental home stand out. There are many ways to enhance your rental home’s desirability and get tenants even during the winter.

Seasonal Marketing

One of the usual ways to fill winter vacancies is to market seasonally. The standard marketing tactics you employ the rest of the year may not be enough to attract tenants in the winter. Posting in new places will immediately expand your audience. You can also hire a professional, like Real Property Management Anchor so that they can do photography for you or write you some great ad copy. To attract more potential tenants, you should go beyond the usual marketing efforts.

Offer Favorable Terms

Your Stockbridge rental property is also more likely to be rented in the winter if you can offer your tenants more favorable terms. If you notice that you are getting way more inquiries than applications, you might consider having your lease documents reviewed. If your lease still looks good, you might want to consider loosening up your terms. Even small adjustments can make a big difference. If you used to not allow pets, making your property pet-friendly will attract new tenants. You can also consider other terms like the lease length. You can fill vacancies easier if you offer shorter leases, and it will give you the option to re-lease the property during the busier spring or summer months.

Add Incentives

Offers of one or more incentives can make a rental home more attractive to renters. There are many incentive options to choose from. Some of these include giving your tenant a gift card, a wholesale membership, or local freebies. You can reduce their rental rate or give their first month’s rental for free. It would seem like a lot of money, but losing one month’s rent is way better for your annual cash flows than letting your rental home stay vacant the entire winter.

Enlist Help

To make marketing your rental property during the winter more effective, you can get additional help. Sales professionals know that there is nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising. Make the most of it! Your friends and families can recommend your property to their friends who are looking for rental homes. You can also post your rental on social media and ask your friends to share it. A great option would be to get a property management company to find your next tenant for you. Established property management brands have a large audience and many resources that allow them to find tenants efficiently even during slow seasons.

Although filling a winter vacancy can be a challenge, it is still possible with the right strategies. Would you like to learn more about how professional property management could help you reduce vacancies and increase your Stockbridge rental homes’ profitability? Contact us today or call us at 770-506-1237.

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